PhotoDune Submission Requirements

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Images that you upload must be RGB formatted JPG files, of at least 2 megapixels in size.

Tags and image titles must use only Latin characters.

It is recommended, but not required, that the following image title naming conventions are used.

Preferably at least 15 and a max of 50 Tags. Any Tags beyond 50 will simply be dropped but will not cause a problem with your upload. Tags should be separated by commas.

Before uploading we recommend adding IPTC/XMP data to automatically extract the Title, Description & Tags from your uploaded images. Note: At this time web uploads require manually created titles for each upload.

Image titles are extracted in the following order from IPTC/XMP Data:

  1. IPTC-Title
  2. IPTC-Headline
  3. IPTC-ObjectName
  4. XMP-Title.

Your PhotoDune account gives you access to all of the Envato Market including:

  • GraphicRiver where you can upload Textures and Illustrations;
  • VideoHive where you can upload Motion Graphics and Stock Footage. 
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