How to upload using FTP

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Envato Market supports FTP uploading for faster and more reliable uploads of large and multiple files.

PhotoDune Authors: Please see the PhotoDune FTP instructions for more info on uploading photos with FTP.

You will need to an FTP client installed, before following this process. 

  1. Open your FTP client and enter the following details:
    Username: [your Envato Market username]
    Password: [your Envato Market API key]
    Port: 21
    Click 'Connect' or your FTP client equivalent. 
  2. Drag your files into the upload area of the FTP client. Do not place your files in the folder marked "bulk_import". 
  3. Wait for your files to process, and then close your FTP client. 
  • Go to your Envato Market author dashboard and navigate to the upload page. Your files will be there waiting, ready to be entered into the upload form and submitted.

FTP step two

Please Note: All FTP uploads will remain in the system for 24 hours only, at which point they are automatically removed. Please ensure you submit your items for review within 24 hours of beginning the FTP upload process.
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