What are Public Collections?

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What is a Public Collection?

  • Authors can promote their best or favourite pieces of work.
  • Affiliates can assemble a collection promoting a variety of items related to their marketing site or blog and link to it with the Referral Program.
  • Buyers can create collections that they find useful and make them public for others who might need a similar set for a specific purpose.

How To Create a Public Collection

From the item listings page or on an item page:

  • Please sign in to your Envato Market account.

  • Select the item you wish to add to a collection. Click on the folder icon underneath the thumbnail for each item, or if on the item page click the ‘Add to Collection button’ in the right side bar.

  1. In the ‘Create a New Collection’ section, enter a name for your collection.
  2. Click the ‘Make it Public’ checkbox to allow other users to view your collection.
  3. Click ‘Add new collection’ and you will see the new collection added to the top of the list.
  4. To close click ‘Great, I’m Done’.

From the Collections page in your account area:

  • Click ‘New collection’ on the top right of the page.
  • In the lightbox, enter a name for your collection.
  • Select an image to represent the collection.
  • Provide a description for the theme of the items in the collection. This description will be visible to other users when they are looking through the list of Public Collections.
  • Click ‘Create Collection’ and you’re done.

Tips for naming your Public Collections:

  • Use unique keywords that describe the entire collection e.g. Responsive Retail
  • Avoid the use of code e.g. MBNTVPrint
  • Use capitals correctly. Do not have the entire title in full CAPITALS or lowercase.
  • Do not use special characters e.g. _?/~
  • Avoid using a generic title such as Chosen16, Chosen17 etc.

Where can you find Public Collections?

Public Collections are available in the Community section.

Using Your Public Collection

Collections can be advertised on your site or blog using a referral link. You can find out more about the Envato Market Affiliate Program here. If you would like to share your collection with the community, head over to the forums.  

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