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Refer to the following guide when including vocals in your AudioJungle track.

Authors may submit tracks with the following vocal options. If one or more of these applies to your item, select all that apply (ctrl+click on a PC or command+click on a Mac) in the 'Attributes' section of the upload form. If your item does not include any vocals at all, simply select the 'Instrumental Only' checkbox.

  • Lead Vocals
    Make sure to select the “Lead Vocals” attribute on your item when vocals are the main focus of the song, typically carrying the main tune/melody and often containing words/lyrics as well. 
    • Example #1: A pop style track with fully sung verse and chorus sections.
    • Example #2: A hip-hop track with rapping/spoken word overtop.
    • Example #3: An operatic piece with a full vocal aria. 
  • Background Vocals/Harmonies
    Background Vocals/Harmonies are any sung elements that are not the main focus of the song, acting as supporting melodies and harmonies alongside or in place of music. Background Vocals/Harmonies can be either lyrical (e.g. echoing/harmonizing with a lead vocal) or non-lyrical (e.g. 'ooh's, 'ahh's, 'la la la's), and usually contain two or more simultaneous yet distinct vocal parts. 
    • Example #1: A new age track contains light, atmospheric chanting over top of the music.
    • Example #2: A cinematic track contains a choral section alongside an epic orchestral arrangement.
    • Example #3: A folky acoustic track contains several layered 'ooh's and 'ahh's throughout the piece.
  • Vocal Samples 
    Make sure to select the 'Vocal Samples' attribute on your item when you use short samples of words and phrases in your music, often pre-recorded, and usually triggered in a repetitive, rhythmic, and processed way (e.g. "what's up!", "let's go", or "drop the bass").
  • Instrumental Version Included
    Songs containing vocal elements may be perceived as having less utility, as many buyers need to add their own voice-overs and audio content over top.  Including an instrumental version provides buyers this ability and allows greater overall flexibility. We therefore recommend bundling an instrumental version of your track in your item. Make sure to select this attribute if you have included an instrumental version along with your full vocal arrangement.

    For more detailed instructions on how to bundle multiple track versions within your item, please see the AudioJungle File Preparation Guidelines

If your item does not include any vocals at all, simply select the 'Instrumental Only' checkbox.

Vocal Requirements

AudioJungle generally only accepts items with vocals that are in English. There are several exceptions:

  • Italian in operatic style
  • Latin for gregorian chant elements
  • African chants in "tribal" works
  • Ethnic vocals such as in cinematic/ambient soundtracks

Any sung lyrics should be viable for use in primarily English markets.

Music tracks that contain excessive vocal elements (e.g. shouting or yelling, extreme dissonance, or overly complex/distracting vocals) that are deemed to diminish commercial utility in general projects may not be accepted to AudioJungle. 

Choosing a Category

When submitting your song containing vocals, you should file it under the category most relevant to its musical genre. For example, a pop style song with vocals should go under the 'pop' category, a rock song with vocals under 'rock', and so on.  The 'vocals, voice' category should be reserved for a cappella, choral, and other primarily vocal styles of music.


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