What is a Beta Category?

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Beta Categories

When we introduce a new type of item to the market, we may initially launch it as a 'Beta' category. This allows us make these resources available to you as soon as possible, and helps us to more effectively gauge interest and understanding of how these items best fit into the marketplace early on.

Authors of Beta category items are invite only, and we work with them closely during the beta period so that they are able to create the best items possible to get the category started.  Additionally, as we’ve hand-picked the authors here, Beta category items only undergo a light review initially.

Once the category is running at full steam, we’ll finalize any technical requirements that may be needed and officially launch the category. At that time the category will be open for all authors to create and submit content as usual, and all the existing items in the category will undergo a full quality review as well.

How do I know a category is in Beta?

All items within a Beta category will have the following notification badge at the top of their item descriptions:

If you have any questions about the specific functionality or use of a Beta item, please contact the author directly via the item comments or the contact form in the item support tab or on their profile page.

Current Beta categories

The following categories are currently in beta:

To authors: Interested in getting involved with a current or future beta category release? Drop us a line here.
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