Can I Get A Refund?

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Wondering if you can get a refund for your item? Refunds can be issued for a variety of reasons, but are typically dependent on our refund policy. Here is what you need to know about making a refund request:

  • Our refund policy was made to be transparent, in order to make your experience as smooth as possible and to give you a "fair go" by setting a baseline standard,
  • Depending on the nature of the refund, it can either be sent to the author or the Envato Help Team for review,
  • If the refund request goes to the author and you disagree with the author's decision, then you can raise a dispute to have our Help Team investigate the claim,
  • You can contact us if you have questions about the refund process,
  • Refund requests on Envato Market for items that are not on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon are sent directly to Envato.


What should I do before requesting a refund?

How do I request a refund?

The item I purchased is no longer available


What should I do before requesting a refund?

Before you request a refund it's important that you:

  • Read the item installation guide and documentation,
  • Read and search the item comments page, as you may find a solution to your issue,
  • Contact the author via the support tab on the item page, if the item is supported,
  • Use the item for its intended function and purpose, which is outlined in the item description - e.g. your item is compatible with your Wordpress software version,
  • Search our Help Center for FAQs.


How do I request a refund?

Before raising a refund request, make sure your request meets our Envato Market Refund Rules.

Please use our refund form to request a refund.

The item I purchased is no longer available

There are a number of different reasons why an item may be removed and therefore no longer available for download. You should download and save the item as soon as you buy it, but if your item has been removed before you’ve had a chance to download it, you can refer to our Envato Market Refund Rules to check if you’re eligible for a refund.

Learn more about how refunds work.

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