A Buyer's Guide to Your Statement & Documents

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This guide is designed to assist with questions regarding your statement and Envato documents including;

View & Download Invoices

This article will guide you on how to View and Download Invoices.


A receipt will be generated when a payment is made to your account using PayPal or Skrill either for Envato Credits or a 'Buy Now' purchase.

Please Note: Invoices are no longer issued when making a deposit, invoices will only be issued when making a purchase of an item.


An invoice will be generated when an item license is purchased via Envato Market.

  • You 'the buyer' receive an invoice from the Author for the item license on the item purchased.


Credit Notes

When an invoice has been generated and the transaction is reversed, a credit note is issued to acknowledge the cancelation of the invoice.

  • Where an order is eligible for an order handling fee refund, you 'the buyer' receive a credit note from Envato for the order handling fee that has been refunded.

Tax & Value Added Tax (EU VAT)

For general information please go to the EU VAT overview or more specifically VAT Information for buyers article.

For information regarding US sales tax please read click here.

What About My Past Transactions?

Past Deposits

You are still able to access invoices generated from past deposits (prior to Feb 1, 2015). You can access these from your statement, by clicking the link in the statement line for that deposit.

Invoices for deposits made prior to Feb 1, 2015, will not be reissued using the new format.

Past Purchases

No invoices will be back-issued for item license purchases, handling fees, or buyer fees for orders completed prior to Feb 1, 2015. However, you can still view all past transactions on your statement. This article will guide you on how to View and Download Invoices.

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